Neil Cavuto Battles Charlie Rangel: Does Obama Think Passing Budget Is ‘A Joke’?

Charlie Rangel

After Neil Cavuto lamented that the president is late in submitting his budget proposal, House Democrat Charlie Rangel replied, “Let me make it clear that once the budget is passed, it has no meaning at all in the law. And so that there’s no compulsion for anyone to do anything if, and I hope soon, there’s agreement to the budget. A budget is really a statement of policy of the party. And hopefully in the future, we will not find the policy so different.”

An astounded Cavuto shot back: “Wait a minute, are you saying when you make a budget, you shouldn’t stick to it? It’s a joke?”

“That’s what you said,” Rangel responded. “I said it has no credibility in the law. You said it’s a joke. There’s a difference.”

The congressman continued: “Do you think anybody’s going to sleep at night in this country wondering when we’re going to get the budget out? Of course not. They’re concerned with how they’re going to get a job, will there be Social Security and Medicare and will we provide for the poor.”


Cavuto asserted that part of assuring the American people of stability requires “providing a budget, providing a plan” but that lawmakers have made a “mockery” of the process.

“Just because it has no bearing in the law doesn’t mean it’s a mockery and joke,” Rangel reiterated. “That’s coming from the other side of this camera.”

“It has been a joke,” Cavuto insisted. “I criticize both parties always making a big deal out of relatively small cuts. Always making a theater production over what are really slices off the growth of spending. Always scaring the bejesus out of the American people.”


Wayne Dupree

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