Neighborhood Resident for three weeks offended of Halloween Obama Tombstone

Jamilla Phillips of Edmond says she was shocked to see the Obama tombstone in her neighbor’s yard as part of his Halloween display. The tombstone features President Barack Obama’s name with a question mark where his date of birth should be.

“I was absolutely offended,” said Phillips, who is new to the neighborhood, to KOCO News. “He is the president of the United States, and it actually is about respect. It’s a total respect thing because this person is still alive.”

The Dockens family members said they have put the tombstone up in their yard for the last three years and haven’t had a complaint before.

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Jamilla Phillips (right) said she felt compelled to speak up, saying she was worried about the effect it would have on children. But Dwayne Dockens (left) said that making the fake tombstones had brought his family together and he has no intentions of taking them down

Phillips recently moved into the neighborhood, and said she felt like she had to speak up.

Dwayne Dockens claims the marker is harmless.

“[My family and I] made them a few years ago back when it was a big deal, questions up about [Obama’s] birth certificate,” Dockens said. “And we made all these ourselves so just thought it was kind of humorous and, you know, went ahead and put him in there as well.”

Dockens said he is sorry some people took it the wrong way, but said all his decorations will stay.

“I certainly didn’t mean to offend anybody or cause any problems. Don’t know that I would take it down,” he said.

Dockens said making the decorations together always brings his family closer. Phillips said she is worried about the message the tombstone sends to children.

Sources: KOCO News

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