NC Issues Warning About “Zombie Snakes”

First and only time I ever saw a “zombie snake,” was when I was a kid. I saw a snake rolled over, belly side up, I went to pick it up by its tail, and it moved. Scared me so much I thought I was going to die. I let it slink away as I ran like the wind.

North Carolina is issuing a warning to its residents that this snake if approached, is harmless.

The snake is called Hognose, and it is not venomous. Poor snake is more afraid of us and hoping that by playing ‘dead,’ we’ll go away and leave him alone, which is the best thing to do for us both.

“If the antagonist continues, the hognose snake will feign death by opening its mouth, rolling over on its back, and writhing around. If turned over onto its belly, it will immediately roll again onto its back”

Instead of watching clouds to see if we can keep weekend weather on track, let's play a game! Who is this “famous” NC…

Posted by North Carolina State Parks and Recreation on Thursday, June 6, 2019

I don’t mind snakes if they’re not venomous, and take off rather than attacking.
My biggest fear is working under the house and coming across a nest of them, or spiders of any kind.

According to some research, the hognose can grow up to about four feet in length and is found between Florida and Texas to Minnesota, according to the Florida Museum.

There’s an urban myth that says, “hognose snakes can mix venom with its breath and is thus able to kill a person from a distance of twenty-five feet,” but the Florida Museum says it’s just lore.


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