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Senior NBC Reporter Resigns — Slams Network Over “Around-The-Clock Anti-Trump Hysteria”

This news isn’t picking up traction because the opposition media won’t report on anything but negative news about President Trump.

NBC Senior Report William Arkin is leaving NBC over their infatuation with being anti-Trump and how that direction has distracted journalists from revealing real stories that need to be told to the American people.

Honestly, that’s a huge move for someone working at one of the Democrat National Committee Defense networks. The opposition media reports over 90 percent negative news to Trump on a daily basis. You would think more news journalists would have gotten tired of this “attack at all costs” strategy implemented by these companies.

Arkin’s farewell letter blasted NBC of peddling “ho-hum reporting” that “essentially condones” endless American military presence in the Middle East and other regions of the world. He also slammed the network for not informing the American people of the “the failures of the generals and national security leaders,” essentially becoming “a defender of the government against Trump” and a “cheerleader for open and subtle threat-mongering.”

Here’s are a couple of excerpts from his outgoing letter to his NBC comrades:

I’m alarmed at how quick NBC is to mechanically argue the contrary, to be in favor of policies that just spell more conflict and more war. Really? We shouldn’t get out Syria? We shouldn’t go for the bold move of denuclearizing the Korean peninsula?

Even on Russia, though we should be concerned about the brittleness of our democracy that it is so vulnerable to manipulation, do we really yearn for the Cold War? And don’t even get me started with the FBI: What? We now lionize this historically destructive institution?”

There is lots of media critique out there, tons of analysis of leadership and the Presidency. But on the state of our national security? Not so much. Hopefully I will find myself thinking beyond the current fire and fury and actually suggest a viable alternative. Wish me luck.”

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if so-called Reporters, actually just reported? They think they have to either make the news or be in it or project their own opinions in it. Anyone who sees NBC, MSNBC as anything other than a liberal, left, Democrat political organization should seek medical help ASAP!

Let’s agree, the opposition media is pathetic. If you listen closely and often you cannot go a day without hearing an outright lie, or them spinning a story to promote a biased narrative or, by not reporting a story at all, hiding the truth from Americans. True journalism is already dead and somehow it manages to get worse.

Trump is at least trying to govern, not many others in Washington are right now. It’s a farce to call it a “govern”ment anymore.

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