NBC Reports: Facebook Owner Oversaw Penalized Enemies With User Data And Helped Friends!!

Remember a long time ago when Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg, the story goes that he helped a few people get back at his enemies by creating Facebook. Now it looks as if he’s returned to his old antics.

NBC News dropped a bombshell report that claims they had access to 4,000-plus pages of leaked documents which explained how the Facebook emperor managed and coordinate plans to use Facebook user data as a bargaining chip against company enemies while also using it to help friends.

According to the report, Amazon received “extended access” after paying for access, Facebook pages and joining a Fire smartphone venture. When another messaging app was seen as an unwanted competitor, they were cut off from the data.

From the report:

In late November 2012, Zuckerberg sent a long email to Facebook’s senior leadership team saying that Facebook shouldn’t charge developers for access to basic data feeds. However, he said that access to Facebook data should be contingent on the developers sharing all of the “social content” generated by their apps back to Facebook, something Zuckerberg calls “full reciprocity.”

The existing arrangement, where developers weren’t required to share their data back with Facebook, might be “good for the world” but it’s not “good for us,” Zuckerberg wrote in the email.

He noted that though Facebook could charge developers to access user data, the company stood to benefit more from requiring developers to compensate Facebook in kind — with their own data — and by pushing those developers to pay for advertising on Facebook’s platform.

Paul Grewal, Facebook’s vice president, didn’t deny the authenticity of the docs but he did say they were taken out of context. “The set of documents, by design, tells only one side of the story and omits important context, the facts are clear: we’ve never sold people’s data.”

I take a laissez-faire attitude toward Facebook. It’s a private corporation. If you want to avail yourself of its services, that’s your call. No one is forcing anyone to subscribe, and I don’t. The advantages of Facebook are obvious, but the disadvantages far outstrip whatever is good about it. It’s your privacy. Deal with it yourself and don’t ask the government to do it for you.

Facebook and other Silicon Valley scandals should be an indicator that these “socialists” can’t be trusted.. which is the reason why true Socialism ALWAYS fails.



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