NBA has Contributed More Money to Romney: Obama to play NBA Scrimmage with Stars

ROTFL…..this is actually WALKING!!

NBA players love the jump-shooting President Obama, but league owners are putting their money on Mitt Romney.

Of the 14 NBA owners or co-owners who have contributed to the 2012 campaigns, eight gave a total of $50,000 to Romney, compared with $26,100 to Obama from the other six, according to the website HoopsHype.

The owner who has given the most to Romney was Atlanta Hawks owner Michael Gearon, who put up $15,000.

Romney also took in more when adding up contributions from players, owners and managers — with 16 donors giving $71,000 to Romney and 23 giving $69,950 to Obama.

However tomorrow:

President Barack Obama will play basketball tomorrow night at a fundraiser in New York City with “NBA heroes,” according to campaign press secretary Jen Psaki. The “heroes,” one assumes, is a reference to the “Obama Classic” starring Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, Patrick Ewing, and Alonzo Mourning, all of whom are expected to be at tomorrow’s fundraiser, according to a previous campaign announcement.

Wayne Dupree

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