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NBA Curry Says He Doesn’t Want To Visit White House; Trump Says No Problem, “Invitation Is Withdrawn”

I like Stephen Curry so much because of his basketball skills; but, I do not agree with his assessment of our President, at all.

You know, everyone has their right to vote and think as they see fit.

I say again; you may not like Donald Trump for who he is or what he says, that is understandable in some cases for liberals who stick to political correctness. But to call him a racist or a “misogynist” is a bit silly. Donald Trump repeats what many men say off camera routinely. Do I believe that the President has said some very unsavory things and made some very insensitive comments? Yes, I do, but so have I and many other people in leadership. But to call Trump a racist is totally out of line and falsehood.

Yes going to the White House to see “any” President is a great honor. I was not an Obama fan but even if I had the opportunity to go to the White House years ago and meet him I would, and I’d be respectful and polite even though I didn’t like him.

Source: USA Today

You could see the end to this awkward dance between the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors and President Donald Trump coming from 140 characters away.

Less than a day after so many prominent members of the Warriors reiterated their stance that they didn’t want to visit to White House to celebrate their title, and just hours after Trump’s inciteful rally in Alabama where he took aim at NFL players who protest the national anthem, he wasted no time in taking to Twitter – again.

“Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team.Stephen Curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn!” Trump tweeted.

Curry deserves zero respect when he dishonors the presidency. Like most other out-of-touch athletes he was ‘hesitating’ to garner maximum attention for his so-called, call of ‘unity’ and Trump trumped him. A mature person would go to the White House with respect and show unity.

I’m sure many of our veterans would be honored to be invited. Most athletes have egos as big as their paychecks so let them stay home. I’m pretty sure the public is tired of all the disrespect from Athletes. Enough with these prima donna athletes grandstanding and protesting and disrespecting the country which gave them everything and made them who they are. They should be ashamed of themselves.

A few months ago, I thought it was very clear that Curry was not going to go and Curry was courted by the Democrat Party to make a public showing of his decision. This was a great counter move by the president not letting the liberal pukes have their day.

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