[VIDEO] Couple at NBA Preseason Game in Philly, Kicked Out For Holding ‘Free Hong Kong’ Sign

The NBA is bowing to their masters in China, and there’s no looking back.

In what can only be called a shameful display of anti-Americanism and a massive blow to free speech, the NBA kicked a husband and wife out of the 76ers arena for holding a sign that read “Free Hong Kong.”

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The 76ers were playing a preseason game against Chinese squad “Guangzhou Loong Lions.”

So, what exactly is happening with the NBA, and why are they capitulating to the Chinese and selling out everything America stands for?

Well, it’s simple really – they want to expand the NBA into China so they can make more money…but in order to do that, they must appease the thin-skinned Chinese communists and make sure they don’t offend them.

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Last week, Houston Rocket’s General Manager Daryl Morey tweeted out support for Hong Kong which sparked massive backlash from Chinese businesses and the Chinese government.

Morey tweeted out a graphic on Friday evening that stated: “Fight For Freedom Stand With Hong Kong”

The NBA quickly issued a blubbering apology to their Chinese masters.

We recognize that the views expressed by Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey have deeply offended many of our friends and fans in China, which is regrettable. While Daryl has made it clear that his tweet does not represent the Rockets or the NBA, the values of the league support individuals’ educating themselves and sharing their views on matters important to them. We have great respect for the history and culture of China and hope that sports and the NBA can be used as a unifying force to bridge cultural divides and bring people together.

They also forced Morey to apologize and redact his pro-Hong Kong tweet.

And now we have this – a couple silently and peacefully showing support for the people of Hong Kong who are fighting and protesting for freedom, removed from a U.S. arena, for offending the communists in China.

It’s disgusting beyond words.

On Tuesday night, a husband and wife holding “Free Hong Kong” signs at a preseason NBA game in Philadelphia were kicked out of the stadium.

The man, identified as Sam Wachs, and his wife had their pro-Hong Kong signs confiscated by NBA employees and were escorted out of the Wells Fargo Center arena after Mr. Wachs shouted “Free Hong Kong,” a statement in support of the ongoing pro-democracy demonstrations.

You can watch the video below:

I’m not an NBA fan, but if you are, I’d highly suggest you boycott watching or going to games. These clowns may be more anti-American than the anthem-hating NFL.

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