Navy Seaman Fakes Crime Seeking To Cause Racist Division!

This Navy seaman thought he would be able to get some publicity if he caused a situation that included racism, so he destroyed his property.

Why would the Navy have such low standards that such racist behavior would be tolerated? If this happened in a private company, the perpetrator would be terminated at once.

This is just one of the hundreds of events that have happened over the last 15 years where a person has done something like this. I wonder how many other stories in history if researched correctly, have been faked

Source: Navy Times

Marquie Little, a 27-year-old African American seaman, posted photos to Facebook on Nov. 15 under an alias that showed his rack on the carrier George H.W. Bush covered in trash and racial slurs.

I proudly serve the Navy and this is what I’m receiving in return,” he wrote in the post.

It’s not my first time being called a word such as that,” the aviation boatswain’s mate airman said in a phone interview later that month. “It puzzled me as to who would do it and why they would do it.

But on Friday Cmdr. Dave Hecht, a spokesman for Naval Air Force Atlantic, said “a thorough investigation” conducted with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service found inconsistencies in the sailor’s account.

“A NCIS-supported command investigation following claims of racially-motivated vandalism aboard the (carrier) has determined that the alleged victim staged the incident himself,” Hecht said in an email.

“The United States Navy does not tolerate racial discrimination of any form and the well-being of our Sailors is our top priority,” Hecht said.

Hecht said the sailor was not charged with the crime but had received counseling, training and appropriate administrative actions. Then he shocked me by saying this seaman would remain a member of the crew.

They claim they won’t tolerate racism and vandalism, but by allowing him to remain, they are condoning it! This is very bad for morale.

This young man, by his actions, is promoting distrust amongst his fellow sailors. Can’t have that on board a ship. They all need to trust each other to have a well run cohesive ship. There must be a billet in someplace ugly that needs to be filled with this foolish young man. No planks to walk anymore? Shame.

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This sailor should have been given a dishonorable discharge. He faked a crime scene, attempted to incite racial division onboard a military vessel, and then tried to use pictures and posts to encourage civil unrest. He broke his oath to protect his country and uphold the Constitution. This is not to mention what the trust factor must be on this ship today.

He is a liar and a race-baiting snake. Anyone who defends this man loses their right to ever speak out against racism with any legitimacy or integrity.

Anyone mentally disturbed enough to stage this type of thing doesn’t need discipline, he sincerely needs to be committed (probably discharged) so that he can get the mental help he so obviously needs. If true, this man should be nowhere near an aircraft carrier, let alone performing “his military duties.”

What about the military’s duty to protect fellow soldiers and equipment from the mentally disturbed and dillusional? What are your thoughts?? SHARE them below in the comment section.

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