Nauert: You’re Asking Me Should We Apologize For Our Gov’t All Around The World

A reporter thought he could bait State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert into a confrontation with an idiotic question, but she was time enough for him.

To be honest, in the video below, Nauert was way too lenient on the glory-seeking moron asking his elementary-school-questions. I doubt he will be back. (no offense intended for elementary schools or students – because they are above this guy in any category).

Source: Fox News

The reporter asked whether effecting “regime change” in Iraq by deposing dictator Saddam Hussein could be construed as “dictating how other countries operate” – in the words of Sanders.

“Should the U.S. apologize for… meddling in elections in multiple countries?” the man asked, noting that 2018 is the 15th anniversary of the Iraq War.

An incredulous Nauert responded, “you’re asking me about the entire history of the United States? Should we apologize for our government all around the world?”

Nauert said the U.S. does “far more good” than otherwise.

George W. Bush and Barack Obama are the reason Donald J. Trump was elected. They’re the ones responsible for most of the $20 trillion debt they left us with. Bush added $5 trillion and Obama added $10 trillion to our children’s debt.

Together Bush and Obama gave middle class working Americans the finger by sending thousands of businesses and millions of jobs overseas and then they have the audacity to call you a nationalist and racist if you object.

Together Bush and Obama have virtually destroyed the Middle East and now millions of their refugees are flooding the western world bringing vengeance and terrorism with them. Bush attacked two countries and Obama attacked four, plus Obama’s failed Arab Spring was responsible for terrorist groups taking over Somalia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and soon to be Afghanistan causing a mass exodus.

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Terrorism increased 800% under Obama while our poverty rate jumped to 15.1%. The income inequality gap widened considerably and the labor force participation was at the lowest level in the history of the country. Trump is already turning it around.

This reporter was just doing his job to stir up disagreements and division in the country. The Democrats think when the country is divided, and there are protests and violence with the news reporting that it is the Republicans and President Trump’s fault, then the voters will vote for Democrats.

We welcome President Trump and thank him for his amazing progress!

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