Some Tribe Members Want Warren To Apologize For Native American Ancestry Claim

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been roughed up by the social media for promoting herself as a person of Native American heritage

Now some Native America tribesman wants an apology. That Native American lie to get a job at Harvard that knocked a real minority out of a job is biting her in the rear now. They want action and now

When will Warren come clean about her fake Native American claims? The sad fact Warren doesn’t know who she is that why she frauded the American public to benefit herself.

Fascinating that the liberal Boston Globe is no longer covering for her, instead publishing a critical piece warning that honesty is the only way forward if she intends to run for president

Source: Boston Globe

“From a strategic perspective, taking the live step of taking responsibility and an apology, even while noting that it was not her intention to harm anyone, is important,” said Tom Bonier, CEO of the Democratic polling firm TargetSmart. “Will that change votes? I don’t think that doing so will lose her votes.”

If Warren seeks to tackle the issue, there are no easy options. Some tribe members want her to apologize to Native Americans for claiming heritage without solid evidence. Tribes across America have spent centuries denouncing whites who claim Indian DNA without a clear basis, claims they find deeply offensive.

Another path includes pursuing stronger outreach to the tribes with whom she claims to share kinship, a strategy that she’s begun to employ. This too is fraught, as some Native American leaders are resentful that she’s done, in their estimation, little to help tribes as a powerful senator.

She’s not part of the Cherokee community,” said Chad Smith, who was the principal chief of the Oklahoma-based Cherokee Nation from 1999 to 2011. “She hasn’t reached out. She hasn’t come here and participated much.

“The mark of value in claiming heritage is: Do you use your position to give back?” Smith said. “If it is a claim that is valuable to her, she should be helping Indian country. She might be doing it with the overall agenda. But unless she’s contributing back, it is a somewhat hollow claim.”

As a good friend once told me in my younger days, an adage I often recite with alarming rapidity the older I get, “If ‘if’s’ and ‘buts’ were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas.”

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