National Diversity or National Destruction

America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.

These words attributed to Josef Stalin ruler of communist Russia, are they true?

Has America collapsed from within? Well if it hasn’t already collapsed it may well be on its way.

Let’s remember the goals that Karl Marx set out 165 years ago when he published his manifesto to the workers of the World.

Let’s review the Marx plan is to;

  • Destroy the Family
  • Destroy Private Property
  • Destroy Religion
  • Destroy the Nation

Have the goals of Karl Marx come to fruition in America?

Let’s take a look at the first item on the list to destroy the family.  Since the mid-sixties with the implantation of Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” programs the Government has been made to be the place to turn to at the expense of the family unit in America.  In essence to replace the American family with the American Government.

Now couples across the Nation debate between themselves whether or not to enter into marriage or to live together because the tax burden is better if they stay, for tax purposes, as “single” people.  And now because of Obamacare people are choosing to stay “single” because obtaining “affordable” healthcare is easier or more importantly, cheaper if you remain single.

And if you think that only the federal government is concerned about the family unit dynamic, you are in fact incorrect.  States all over this Nation are interfering in family matters each and every day. Trampling over parental rights with no thought to the harm it causes to the very children they claim to protect.

We just don’t hear about this intrusion because it is so insidious in nature.  We only hear about the most egregious attempts when bureaucrats over step their assumed authority over family members.

One of the latest examples is the story of the 6-year-old who was dismissed from school for the heinous crime of kissing the hand of a girl he liked.  Canyon City Colorado schools placed into the 6 year Old’s official school record the charge of “Sexual Harassment”.  That right sexual harassment, and now if you listen to the child he has been brought to think that what he did was wrong.  WRONG!  For kissing the hand of a girl who thinks the little boy is her “boyfriend” and he now has been browbeaten into thinking what he did is wrong.

Now maybe if he had kissed the hand of another boy then it might not have come to the allegation of sexual harassment.  As that would fit the Marxist agenda of all that is perversion is good.  Because even the Boy Scouts of America are letting openly homosexual young boys into it’s ranks.

The fact that the child didn’t even know what sex is let alone sexual harassment is reason enough to be outraged but now the child is asking all the questions that come naturally in the course of time…if allowed to come naturally that is.

But the “Government” has stepped in to take control over what in another time in America was a family issue that used to be handled around a table at both children’s homes and mostly to the amusement and tenderness that only the families could provide.  But with the destruction of the American family by an overbearing Government bureaucrat who steps in to take over and traumatize 2 six-year olds and possibly many more because of the publicity over such an innocent act.  And to what gain?  More Government control over parents and the family.



Let’s look at the destruction of private property.  Starting in January 2014 the benevolent Government will see fit to tax the estate of loved one who passed away at the ever so kind rate of 40%.  So the private property that will be left behind by those who for years, and dare I say decades, was already being taxed and or having taxes levied upon said property will be subject to taxation once again.  All because the private individual who owned the private property saw fit to pass away and leave it to beloved family members to follow their wishes after their death.  And what is to become of the property if the executors of the Estate’s property cannot pay the 40% tax levied upon the estate?  You guessed it…The property will go to the State and the State will see fit to do what it wants with the former private property.  One more blow for liberty and freedom.  One more victory for Marxism.

How about looking at how Marxism is destroying the Nation… Very recently the Obama administration, in its infinite wisdom, decided that the U.S. Military should make it a point to allow those who serve in the Armed Forces to openly display their sexual preferences and even to proclaim their love for their fellow-man or woman, whichever the case may be.  And you know there were homosexuals serving in the military long before the Obama regime ever took office.  But when the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was struck down by the U.S. “Supreme” Court, it created a huge social experimentation Petri dish called the Department of Defense.  Now personnel serving are expected to go against their personal religious beliefs because the civilian leadership has deemed it to be necessary and the top ranking officials are bringing pressure to bear on the rank and file service member.


And when the highest ranking member of the USAF tells everybody serving under his command to get in line and “get with the program” or get out.  Diversity rules the day.

Most importantly, I spoke to them about my feelings on dignity and respect.

Treating EVERY Airman with dignity and respect must be at the heart of who we are and how we operate.  It isn’t a “tag” line; it’s the core of everything we stand for as a service.  Everyone in our Air Force should feel respected.  Everyone should feel valued.  Every single person around you brings something to the fight that you don’t.  Each of them is critically important to mission success, and they deserve to be treated that way.


Nine o Nine NAAnd yes every member of the Air Force and the Armed Forces Photo Fannie NAshould be treated with respect and dignity.  But the attempts to limit the heritage of the USAF is reprehensible at best. Yes General Welsh the heritage of the USAF has many diverse things to it not all are good, some may actually offend the tender hearts of today’s service members.  But many great men and women served to create this heritage all while going on to not only defeat the National Socialists, Communists and assorted despots but also serving besides the diverse members of the Armed Forces of the United States of America.  Long before your current boss was receiving his indoctrination to Marxism by his “mentor” Frank Marshall Davis, a known and admitted Communist.Heavenly Body NA

The tail art depicted here are just some examples of Air Force heritage.  They are also the same type of pictures I personally saw leadership say was offensive and must not be displayed…period.   Because the delicate sensibilities of some might be offended, Heritage items like these are removed and are among those things that are not spoken about today.  Will taking these types of photos down allow Airman to train better, to defend the Nation better?   Those who still use common sense know better.  Lowering the standards of decorum and disrespecting others by having them do things that are against their beliefs, oh why yes General Welsh that is the heritage that my Air Force represented just a few short years ago.  Oh wait….NO IT WASN’T!Buster GW NA

Being allowed to openly declare one’s sexual preference does not give free rein to force others who, for whatever reason religious or otherwise, do not agree to have to go against A-10 NAtheir beliefs.  Where is the respect and dignity for those service members?  It seems that once again a selected class of people will be set above another group to prove how benevolent and open-minded a people we are…at the expense of operational readiness and our overall National defense.  And as such this is very destructive to the Nation as a whole.  When adding up the pros and cons of serving in the Nation’s Armed Forces, young men and women will weigh these types of choices as to whether to serve or not.  Choose between your moral beliefs or the orders giving by those appointed over you.  There was a time when those choices aligned with each other to the good of the individual serving and to the Nation as a whole.  I think that we as a Nation maybe losing this fight and the Marxists are gaining an ever-increasing stronghold on our National “diversity”.


A&EThe recent developments with the A&E Network and Phil Robertson are another example of how the Marxists are trying to destroy religion.  Phil RobertsonMr. Robertson gave HIS opinion, founded upon his religious beliefs, to a writer for a magazine.  And because Phil offended a special class of chosen people, he was suspended from his job on the network.  Now as a private entity A&E has every right to discipline it’s employee as it deems necessary, just like every other private employer in the Nation.  That said, the backlash against A&E must have been quite unexpected.  In fact both A&E and the restaurant chain Cracker Barrel severely misread their client base.  And what it did show to the surprise of most of the Marxist media is that this Nation is STILL a Christian nation.  Yes, that’s right, a Christian Nation, with Christian values and morals.  The fact is that most Christians are forever turning the proverbial other cheek that when millions spoke out against A&E and Cracker Barrel, the special classes of people ALL took notice.  They began to lash out at the Robertsons and their supporters for things that had nothing to do with the magazine interview.  Phil Robertson DDIn the process of going off on tirades they brought attention to the basic intolerance that they have to anyone who dares disagree with their stated agenda items, whatever they may be.  Whether it be the removal of prayer from the Nation’s schools or the reluctance to watching a family pray on a national cable network, the fact that religion is being mentioned on a nation-wide forum is eating away at the darkened hearts who would like to see the Robertsons removed from the airwaves.  The absolute fact to all of this is this….nobody is FORCING anyone to tune to the A&E network and watch Mr. Robertson and his family.  There is a choice and it is this…change the channel, use the remote and watch something else.  The Robertson’s religion is THEIR choice; you can either agree or disagree with them as they practice their choice.

Unlike the Federal Government that forces people to purchase a product even if that product includes items that go against the basic precepts of one’s religion.  I write of course about Obamacare…in its “outstanding” product of health insurance for all is the fact that our TAX DOLLARS are being used to KILL innocent babies through abortions provided by institutions like Planned Parenthood.   Now you can debate whether abortion is morally right or wrong but to force anyone to fund abortions via the entire weight of the Government is as immoral as killing a baby in the 50th week of pregnancy and your religious objections be damned.

Our Nation’s highest law allows us as citizens the freedom OF religion not the freedom FROM religion.  And it looks like there are many who agree with the Robertsons and agree that they be allowed to continue to freely make that choice for themselves and allow others to do the same.

So with 2013 behind us we find ourselves in the middle of the battle for our National identity.   Yes we are a diverse Nation but that does not mean we have to be a divided Nation.  This Nation was founded on principles that are as true today as they were in the 18th century.

The issues of religious freedom and family values are still ingrained in the American psyche no matter how those in the Government wish they weren’t.

The very fact that the ownership of private property is still a benchmark of success in this Nation won’t change the fact that Governmental desire to control that property will never stop Americans from striving to gain more property and thus gaining the liberty derived from its ownership.

While there are those who have been put into leadership positions in our Nation’s defense establishments the very people needed to defend this Nation still hold within their hearts the will necessary to maintain individual freedoms and liberty.  They may be dictated to by Marxists and their dogma, but the absolute authority of right and wrong will never change.

So the perversions placed upon the people of this Nation will never take concrete foothold over them and the truth will eventually win out.

And Marx and his followers will NOT rule the day. so bring on 2014, let’s get this party started!


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Wayne Dupree

Wayne Dupree is owner and founder of He was named to the 2017 Newsmax’s 50 Most Influential African-American Republicans. He served in the USAF between 1987-1995. He saw time in Operation Desert Storm/Shield and is the father of three. He is the host of the Wayne Dupree Show.

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