Napolitano: Trump’s Executive Order Says Do Not Impose Fines For Obamacare Non-Compliance!!!

I didn’t realize this, but now that I know, I have to tell everyone the good news, the Obamacare Mandate is gone!

This happened in January, but I am not sure many Americans know about it. The penalty phase of Obamacare is gone according to his executive order. That’s right! Obama imposed stiff penalties on Americans if they didn’t get Obamacare and those teeth have been clipped from that bear.

From Joe For America:

ObamaCare is effectively dead. While the repeal hasn’t yet been introduced into the Congress thanks to the spineless Congressional Republican leadership, President Donald Trump has taken action to make sure that Americans are no longer burdened by the Obama stupidity.

One of the things that made ObamaCare so onerous was the “individual mandate” forcing every American to buy Barack Obama’s definition of health coverage. The mandate was always viewed as “government on steroids” and the first step to the far left imposing their idea of national healthcare on the American people. The mandate is officially dead.

President Trump issued orders to the IRS to stop enforcing the filing requirement for your 1040 that mandated compliance with ObamaCare. No mandatory compliance, no ObamaCare. Here’s Judge Napolitano talking about it.

Congress still have to pass a bill to repeal Obamacare, that’s the main issue here. That way there are no questions, and the entire monstrosity is gone from the books. But there is where the conundrum lies, will Congress do what they’ve wanted to do for the last four years?

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