Napolitano On Sessions Testimony: Dangerous Position, He Should Not Testify

Judge Napolitano thinks it’s a huge mistake for Sessions to testify in front of the Senate but only time will tell.

Napolitano is a learned judge. Most people understand the difference between entrapment and the search for the truth. The question that should have been posed to Mr. Sessions is: Could you explain the nature of your meetings with Russian officials on the following dates? The gotcha game is juvenile, especially when some people are hollering our democracy is under threat.

However, this is America. Men marry men, and women abort the unborn with impunity.

The whole country, particularly those of us in this business want it to be in public so we can witness what he is going to say, this is a very dangerous position for him to be in.

He is not testifying as the chief law enforcement officer in the land, as the attorney general, he is testifying as a witness because he doesn’t run the Russia investigations, any of them. He is a witness. He has involvement in both, he is going to be accused of perjury, he is going to come to a conflict point where he has to decide… is he here to defend the president of the U.S. or himself. That is an awful position for him to be in…

I would advise: Do not put yourself in this position, it is a no win situation.

They should listen to Gingrich. He wasn’t even accused of anything until he became the House Speaker in 1995. Over the next two years, Democrats opened 84 separate investigations trying to take down the first Republican leader of the House of Representatives in over 40 years.

Years later, none of the investigations were closed, until analysts found that one of the statements presented in over 70,000 pages of documents he was required to submit, could be construed to be in conflict with another statement.

He wasn’t charged, (with anything). Coming up empty on all investigations, Democrats in the House found him “liable” for the portion of the investigation relating to the “discrepancy in testimony” that they claimed “caused” that part of the investigation, and he was ordered to pay back $300K, the cost of that minute part of the investigation.

Democrats then threatened to prosecute him if he used campaign funds to pay the fine, insisting that it come from his funds, despite the long-standing Democrat Practice of using campaign funds for legal defense and fines for actions taken in the course of the job.

Newt Knows of what he speaks…

Time for the Senate to stop this time and money wasting hunt for the mythical Russian unicorn and start enacting the Make America Great Again agenda of President Trump.

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