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Napolitano On Trump’s Talk Of Exoneration — ‘Must be Some Evidence of Something in There’

Fox News’ Bill Hemmer invited Judge Andrew Napolitano on his show to talk about the Mueller Report, that has not been released yet.

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Judge Napolitano wants to hold up President Trump’s triumph just a little while longer citing that there could be something in the Mueller report that doesn’t favor the Commander-in-chief.

In the video below, Napolitano explained how Mueller’s report is not as clear on exoneration as President Trump claims:

“I have argued for a couple of weeks that the Barr summary – the four-page attorney general summary – did not say no evidence of conspiracy. It did not say no evidence of obstruction. It said not enough evidence to establish the crime.

Establish is lawyerspeak for prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. There must be some evidence of something in there.

If there was no evidence of any criminal activity whatsoever then the attorney general would have said that in his four-page summary and he didn’t.”




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