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Napolitano On Smollett Dropped Charges — This Is Almost Unheard Of!

A grand jury indicted actor Jussie Smollett on 16 felony counts after he was accused of faking a hate crime. Now Chicago prosecutors have dropped ALL criminal charges against him and wiped his record clean.

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The “man” almost torched a race war in one of the most violent big cities in America with an allegation that has so many holes in it you only need a slice of bologna and couple slices of bread, and because he knows the right people, the charges get dropped?

If I were Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, I would resign. This is a slap in the face of the Chicago PD.

“It sounds as if the government has asked to dismiss its own indictment,” Napolitano said. “Quite frankly this is almost unheard of.”

Napolitano noted that the Chicago police decried Smollett for allegedly faking a hate crime, explaining how incredible it is that the 16 count indictment — which Napolitano said was “overkill” from the start — was reversed.

“The police were furious they had been played, in their view, and used, by Jussie Smollett,” he said, explaining the hefty indictment.

“This is beginning to sound to me more and more as though it is some hybrid form of deferred prosecution.”[excerpt via Mediaite]

Another smack in the Americans face.. The Justice system is severely corrupted regardless where your at. If this was a white guy or conservative they would already be sentenced to prison. Things must change.

If the reason is is lack of evidence or new exonerating evidence, why not state that? Why is no reason given? Makes it seem like Chicago politicians got involved. That could never happen, could it?

This is why there’s an apparent absence of justice in America today. The lying, vile, corrupt leftist anti-American but well-connected crooks, liberals, and Democrats like Smollett can easily get away with anything all the time.

If the guy was innocent of all charges why the community service and the loss of the $10K bond? Sorry, but this is what is called unequal justice under the law. I’ll bet the police are thoroughly pissed about this sweetheart of a deal.

Welcome to Chicago, where being a leftist celebrity gives you a get out of jail card, even after you try your hardest to start a race war!

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