Napolitano — Trump Unlikely To Get Wall With National Emergency

Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano has been very direct for the last 7-8 months when it deal with Pres. Trump and the administration.

Napolitano believes if Pres. Trump decides to move toward declaring a national emergency to obtain funds for the southern wall that separates the United States and Mexico; it will not be successful, thus not fulfilling his campaign promise to voters.

“I think the law is very clear and I think the President has been advised of it that if he signs an executive order declaring a national emergency and directing the military to spend money that has not been expressly appropriated for the wall or that has not been expressly appropriated for eminent domain– since much of the real estate where they want to build the wall is privately owned– I think it’s pretty clear that court will stop him from doing that,”

The judge, who many have claimed, has been compromised in some way, said that he is on the side of the President and “doesn’t want him to lose,” but because of legislative obstacles, it would be a hard road to success.

Napolitano also called out the major problems with bipartisan support with the funding. Rep. Nancy Pelosi declares she isn’t going anything toward the building of “the wall,” while some Republicans are ok with having government open without funds for the wall.

It seems that some just wanted to get back to work and move on, knowing there was no chance at obtaining funds for the border wall fixes and completion.

Would You Support A National Emergency Declaration For Border Funding?

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