Judge Napolitano - Dems Will Run ‘Shadow Investigations’ On Trump Administration

Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano was asked if Democrats were going to “investigate or legislate?” His answer was loaded.

Napolitano said he hoped that the new House leaders would legislate but that’s not what he’s been told. If these Democratic House members obstruct President Trump, hopefully, their cushy jobs will be in danger in two years come next election. They will either have to work with Republicans on legislation or be voted out. Two years come quickly for House members, and they spend the better part of year two seeking re election.

Many of you should agree with me that Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Rep Maxine Waters make a powerful case for term limits.

If I were President Trump, I would stonewall/bottleneck the House Democrats. Ignore their demands and subpoenas, tell them to pound sand. The House cannot enforce any demand for production, documents, or testimony. They can hold the President in contempt but they cannot prosecute him. All they can do is refer Trump or his subordinates to the Justice Department for prosecution.

Good luck with that. They can impeach Trump or Kavanaugh but those will die a quick death in the Senate.

Source: Mediaite

When asked later by Fox News what he thought, Judge Andrew Napolitano asked if Democrats were going to “investigate or legislate?”

He added that he hopes they do legislate, but he doesn’t think that is going to happen.

Then he said this, suggesting the goal was to run “shadow investigations” parallel to court cases and the Mueller probe:

“Here is my theory about what the Democratic committee chairs and the House want to do. They want to run shadow investigations. They want to shadow the charge that the president is violating the emoluments clause because they can expose what cannot be exposed in litigation.

They want to shadow the investigation that Bob Mueller is conducting because they can expose what Special Counsel Mueller has to keep secret. And I think that some of the more radical leftist members of the House on the Democratic side are going to become committee chairs. Can you imagine what will happen if [Rep.] Jerry Nadler (D-NY) starts an investigation to impeach Justice Kavanaugh?”

Considering they’re getting beaten up in Senate races, I’d say the left is far from winning public sentiment. Florida and Texas put a stake in the heart of the left’s Senate chances and even the leftist media is taking all this with muted celebration.

But then again I am not stupid. From the eyes of the Democrats and the lefties, there is little to no price and in fact some rewards in playing identity politics and mob-style forceful political adventures. If calling white people racist, white men rapist and half of the country deplorable and bigot were not enough, get ready for a lot more.

The left will double down on its identity politics, brown shirts and Antifa thugs will parade in the streets on a regular basis because politically their masters are rewarded. Forget about the wall as well. Open borders are coming.

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Democrats are forever altering our political and moral landscape by mass importation of people that do not share American values into New York, California and Southern Texas. Literally, two states are deciding the entire future of our country, and until we get the right people in place, they are going to get away with it.

These communists now have the house, and you watch how they will even further divide this country, and it will not be pretty.

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