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Napolitano Says Bezos Situation Could Put Trump In Trouble

Judge Andrew Napolitano is at it again.

His outlook on Pres. Trump is dim and gloomy. I’ve been watching Judge Nap for the last year or so, after his return to Fox News’ suspension, and his entire demeanor has change where he has decided to start any discussion about Pres. Trump with a negative vibe.

It’s not that he hates Trump, he doesn’t offer a way out or any advice that seems remotely helpful.

I am not saying that’s his job. You can be respectful bipartisan if you choose to get the bad with the good, but this guy needs help. Whether or not someone has his loved ones up for ransom or someone stole his favorite teddy bear, there has been something awry for a while now.

Napolitano and Varney went on to talk about the implications of the case, especially since political observers know that Trump strongly dislikes Bezos and has been friendly with Pecker for a long time. Napolitano acknowledged this even as he said he’s seen “no evidence” to prove the Bezos-Pecker dispute connects to Trump.

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After assessing that the allegation against AMI is blackmail and not “extortion,” Napolitano said the company could still be in trouble if their conduct violates the plea agreement Pecker signed for the Cohen case.

“This is very troublesome for AMI because they signed a agreement in the Michael Cohen case. They must be as pure as Caesar’s wife in three years, otherwise the agreement not to prosecute them is no longer in place. If they’re prosecuted for being part of the Michael Cohen conspiracy, bad news for the president.”

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I find Judge Andrew Napolitano's coverage on Trump

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