FLASHBACK! Pelosi’s Son Company He Co-Founded Charged With Securities Fraud!

Have you noticed how Democrats try to push bad news or false allegations about Republicans utilizing the national media but cover their coffins of corruption with more dirt?

Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s son, Paul, co-founded a company called Natural Blue Resources, which is under scrutiny by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) after two individuals that were running the company were found to be convicted criminals.

Why this story? The bad acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. Now if we could only stop the “as of yet unconvicted criminals” from running the Congress and the White House. As one person said when he yelled into a barroom of drunks, “Are there any criminal lawyers in here?” The reply came back, “I’m sure there are but we still have to prove it.” The Democratic Party seems to require such experience on the resume for office or position of authority.

This is nothing more than crony corruption from our so-called elected representatives and their children. Because he is Pelosi’s son will that make him untouchable? For some reason, the Democrats cannot break the law no matter how many times they do.

Let’s see how Nancy can run with this as her son contends he left Nature Blue in 2010, yet publications and company docs seem to differ, as well as that being the last year papers were filed with the SEC. How will Nancy treat a possible capital loss on her taxes as the investment worth ten million shares in the company, should they still exist, may dive? Sounds familiar other than the last part.

You can bet Fancy Nancy got her money out before the hammer fell.

Maybe we need to look at Nancy’s tax returns? Where did he get the money to cofound the scam?

Paul Pelosi Jr., the son of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), was the president and chief operating officer of Natural Blue Resources Inc., an investment company he co-founded that focuses on “environmentally-friendly” ventures.

The SEC charged four individuals with fraud, including former New Mexico Gov. Toney Anaya, and suspended trading in the company’s stock. Pelosi owned over 10 million shares in the company in 2009.

The SEC said Wednesday the company was “secretly controlled” by James E. Cohen and Joseph Corazzi, both of whom had previous fraud convictions. Corazzi violated federal securities laws and was barred from acting as an officer or director of a public company. Cohen was previously incarcerated for financial fraud.

Cohen and Corazzi said they were “outside consultants,” but according to the SEC, they actually controlled Natural Blue’s business decisions “without disclosing their past brushes with the law to investors.” The pair made hundreds of thousands of dollars off the company. [Washington Times]

Looks like Mafiosi at work (notice how it rhymes with Pelosi?). The SEC should have a lot more information on Pelosi than to say he was a co-founder. Was he taking money from the company? Does he still own shares? Who constitutes the board of directors? Who is the CFO and recording secretary? Who are the company’s bankers and auditors? When were Holder and Obie notified? When was Nancy told? Who represents the company legally? Did any investors lose money? Did Nancy’s old man have his hand in the deal? What did Nancy with the laughing face know and when did she know it? A true minefield.

Report: Whoops, Nancy Pelosi’s Son Paul Jr. Was Exec at ‘Ukraine-Based Gas Company,’ Similar to Hunter Biden

Bloomberg Businessweek claimed that Pelosi’s son served as National Blue Resources, Inc., President along with the additional title of COO until 2010. But The Mountain View Telegraph claims Pelosi was still named President last year. Doesn’t it look like someone was moving around titles so things wouldn’t get sticky, huh?

There is some dispute over Paul Pelosi’s current connection to the company.

The New Mexico Office of the Secretary of State Business Service Divisioncurrently lists Natural Blue as a company “not in good standing,” with Pelosi listed as its president.

Pelosi cofounded the company in 2009. The SEC said Natural Blue’s mission is to “create, acquire, or otherwise invest in environmentally-friendly companies, including an initiative to locate, purify, and sell water recovered from underground aquifers in New Mexico and other areas with depleting water resources.”

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Pelosi served as president and chief operating officer of Natural Blue Resources, Inc. until January 11, 2010. Joseph Montalto is listed as the current president.

However, the Mountain View Telegraph cited Pelosi as Natural Blue’s president last year, and Anaya was still leading the company as chairman and CEO at this time.

Pelosi and Natural Blue Resources could not be reached for comment. [Washington Times]

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It looks as if the Bain explanation will be given, and Nancy will in no way say anything is wrong this time. Recall in the last election that Bain Capital was discussed with Mitt Romney listed as a principal. The explanation given was that Romney had stopped working at Bain in 1999 to take over the Olympics. Therefore, by agreeing to sell his interest in Bain in 2000, he wasn’t physically involved in the venture. This was a point of contention for the Democrats.

So Pelosi’s son is reported to have been in Ukraine promoting soccer… at the same time, he was dirty dealing with corrupt Ukranian officials friendly with Obama & Biden. It appears that the Democrats may have had a much bigger role in the Russian annexation of Crimea than previously thought.

I am not claiming that Pelosi is corrupt, but then again, I am. She was not a millionaire when she entered Congress over 200 years ago, but now she is a millionaire 100 times over at her Congressional salary does not add up.

A lot of you Americans sure can be an enemy to yourselves and country just by following the lead of the anti-American agenda tool the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES, brought to you by the corrupt status quo the swamp dwellers the anti-American rhinos and especially the anti-American democrats!

The liberal lowering of standards to pacify all sure hurts all, especially those that are the dumbed-down blind mass called snowflakes!

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