Nancy Sinatra SLAMS CNN Lie About Her Attitude Toward Trump Using Song!

Nancy Sinatra, daughter of the late Frank Sinatra, has blasted CNN for lying about her attitude toward President-elect Trump.

CNN wrote a story that suggested Nancy was not happy with Trump using her father’s song during his inaugural ball. She responded last Thursday evening with this tweet.

Here’s the story and as you can see CNN used Sinatra’s tweets to craft their story without asking her.

From CNN:

Famed singer Frank Sinatra’s eldest daughter, Nancy Sinatra, has never been a fan of President-elect Donald Trump.

Now that he’s about the assume the presidency, the younger Sinatra let the world know how she feels about one of her father’s famous songs being used in the inauguration festivities.

According to inauguration chairman Tom Barrack, Trump and his wife, Melania, have selected “My Way” by Frank Sinatra for their first dance as the first couple at the Liberty Ball on Inauguration Day.

Nancy Sinatra, when asked for a response to the song selection on Twitter, said: “Just remember the first line of the song.”

The first line of the song is, “And now, the end is near.”

The rest of the lyrics discuss a life of ups and downs, but the singer looks back on his memories fondly because he did everything his way.

The younger Sinatra has not shied away from expressing her disdain for Trump on the social media platform that the President-elect also seems to favor.

CNN has reached out to representatives for Sinatra and Trump’s transition team for comment and have not yet gotten a response.

I would have reached out, but Sinatra who I have spoken to or had and dealings with blocked me on Twitter. Looking at her tweets, it does seem as if she is against Trump, which is her prerogative. Maybe she blocked me because I have been against the Hollywood industry? That threw me for a loop when I saw that, but life goes on. Maybe Nancy should stop tweeting altogether, so other organizations won’t make the same conclusions?


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