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Trump Responds To Easy Nancy Pelosi “Puff Piece” Interview With 60 Minutes

Dems have been “projecting” their crimes on President Trump and the American people who voted for him for the last two and a half years. They continue to act like spoiled babies living a Utopia fantasy world wishing they could get their way at the snap of their fingers. It seems like the Democratic Party’s new motto is: “If we can’t have it, nobody can.”

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The opposition media has been complicit in the Democrats attempt to paint more than half of America as racist or should I say, “white men.”

Rep. Nancy Pelosi appeared on 60 Minutes to smooth other her critics that she wasn’t in charge of the House of Representatives, specifically her party. We’ve seen the Marxist Caucus (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.) The interviewer, Leslie Stahl gave Pelosi such an easy round of questions, President Trump responded: “Such a ‘puff piece’ on Nancy Pelosi by @60minutes, yet her leadership has passed no meaningful Legislation,”

Trump responded to the CBS interview with a tweet: “All they do is Investigate, as it turns out, crimes that they instigated & committed. The Mueller No Collusion decision wasn’t even discussed-and she was a disaster at W.H.”

Pelosi went on to speak about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and what Democrats were looking for with the release of the report: “The Mueller report is about an attack on our elections by a foreign government. And we want to know about that. We want to know about that in terms of being able to prevent it from happening again. So it’s bigger even than Donald Trump.”

When asked if Attorney General Robert Barr was covering up anything for President Trump, Pelosi responded: “I have no idea. I have no idea. He may be whitewashing, but I don’t know if he’s covering anything up. There’s no use having that discussion. All we need to do is see the Mueller report.”

Even the “awesome power of the Speaker” is insufficient to control the female reincarnations of the Three Stooges currently running rampant in the House and the media.

Nancy, I know this is hard for you to understand, but Russia didn’t meddle in the ’16 election any more than they have in the past. The Obama admin through the UK, Italy, and Australia tried to set up the Trump campaign, and the intel agencies masked their tracks to look, Russian, or at least that’s my conclusion.

We need character limits, for both parties, and re-educate the public that people in positions of power and influence are accountable and responsible, not just there to be pretty and chaotic.




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