Nancy Pelosi: There is ‘No Taint’ of Anti-Semitism in Dem Party

Rep. Nancy Pelosi is out in the middle of the woods with no way back.

Pelosi doesn’t think Rep. Ilhan Omar’s previous comments against Israel are anti-Semitic. She told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour just that during her trip to Dublin, Ireland.

“I don’t think that the congresswoman is anti-Semitic, I wouldn’t even put those two in the same category,”

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Even though Omar has been accused about using anti-Semitic rhetoric, the House speaker said that although: “She’s being accused of it,” she also “criticized the president for using film of 9/11 as a political tool. He was wrong to do that.” Americans will line up against Pelosi’s summary of her facts because if you view Trump’s tweet, he was reminding Americans who did damage to us on 9/11 after Omar tried to place a blanket over the murderers.

For Pelosi to say, there is no taint of antisemitism in the Democrat Party shows how little she knows about the colleagues in her Party. They prefer to support Palestine over Israel. Recently, they had to deal with antisemitism comments in the Party; but chose to avoid it by proposing a more general bill against hatred. She is focused on Trump; that she can not see what is happening around her. She said she is overseas. Vacationing in Hawaii at taxpayers expense?

Really now? Omar makes anti-semitic comments and Pelosi refuses to outright call her out on it.

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I remember well throughout the Barack Obama presidency, Democrats supporting the illegitimate nation of Palestine while decrying Israel. Everyone knows where Democrats stand; it’s against a long-standing ally and with the likes of those who war on themselves and continuously destabilize their nations and region of the world.

Sorry Nancy, but the Democrats actions, your actions prove you’re a liar. Talks cheap, what do you do?

Democrats today support HAMAS, CAIR, BDS, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Of course, the DNC is anti-Semitic, and we know that because we see what Democrats do and who they protect and defend, day after day after day.

So there isn’t a hint of anti-Semitism, why did the Democrats feel the need to pass that resolution? She seriously just needs to step down. Put someone in her place who remembers they are supposed to be representing the people who elected them.

Congress needs term limits and an age cap. And why do they get a guaranteed salary for life? How much money could we save by revoking that?



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