Nancy Pelosi Closes House Of Representatives To POTUS; Denies Him Place For SOTU

Well, there you have it. Rep. Nancy Pelosi has decided to formally reject Pres. Trump‘s request to hold the State of the Union address as normal next week in the House of Representatives.

This is something we haven’t seen before, and Pelosi and the Democrats are definitely on the ropes after this move. What we have here is a Speaker that is being controlled by the far-left, and if she deviates, they probably have the votes to remove her.

Pres. Trump wrote a letter earlier on Wednesday informing Pelosi that he planned on delivering the State Of the Union Speech as expected and this is her response:

Is Pelosi seriously off her rocker and that arrogant that she thinks she has the power over the President? This is not going to end well for her. As the Law stipulates, the president can give the State Of the Union address from anywhere. What part of “anywhere” do Pelosi and the rest of the Dems not understand?

First, she claimed it was about “security concerns,” now she says she denies the President the opportunity to give his State of the Union address in Congress because it’s about the Government shutdown? What a phone bald-face liar this woman is.

The lower chamber of Congress is called “The People’s House” and does not belong to one party or the other. It especially does not belong to that gibbering, delusional old bat from CA who stumbles through the halls of Congress, clutching her gavel, and mumbling “my precious” like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

Nancy just set a very bad precedent. She doesn’t want the President’s view to reaching millions of citizens without the filter of her fellow travelers in the media.

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