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[VIDEO] Chaos in Pelosi’s District as Disgruntled Citizen Assaults Naked Man For Defecating on Sidewalk

While Nancy Pelosi is focused on impeaching our successful America First President, her district in San Fransisco is a miserable and bleak place overrun by homelessness, covered in human feces, plagued by drugs, and swirling with violence – and nobody seems to care.

Why is it that Democrats who are pushing impeachment the hardest (Pelosi ,Waters) are the ones who hail from dilapidated districts, swimming in filth, drugs, and hopelessness?

Instead of doing things to improve their communities and help their citizens, these swamp creatures are focused on removing a president who has finally got the economy back on track, and who is delivering world peace around the globe, not to mention, holding China’s feet to the fire.

What more could we ask for from a president?

Yet Democrats want to strip all of that away, while the people back in their districts suffer in liberal muck and filth.

Nowhere was the “filth and muck” and hopelessness more on display than on a city street in San Fransisco, where a naked man perched outside of a business was preparing to defecate on the sidewalk, when a fed up and disgruntled pedestrian kicked him.

We don’t condone or celebrate violence in any way, but this situation is sad because city officials, and people like Nancy Pelosi have destroyed their cities and turned their citizens to disgruntled vigilantes.

Pelosi should be ashamed of herself.

You can watch the video below:

San Francisco was once considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.. Now, business are leaving in droves, with the homeless literally taking over this once vibrant city.

The streets are littered with trash, drug needles, and “poop”… Yes, human feces…  So, how did the city once known for it’s beauty and cleanliness go from being one of California’s most prized possessions to a slum filled with drug addicts, and homeless, and sanctuary status seekers?

Liberalism has turned the city once known for its cable cars and the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge, into the city where it is only safe for illegal aliens, for the homeless to use as their personal toilet, and criminals to find safe harbor.

It’s Not Just San Francisco – Every Major City Run By Liberals Turns Into a Ghetto Slum
Cities all across America, that are run by liberal democrats seem to fall apart.  Baltimore, Philadelphia, San Francisco, etc.. etc.. have all been run by elected liberal democrats for years but the problem only seems to get worse.

San Francisco’s fall from grace has been more recent and the rapid recession of the city has been fueled by being well known as a Sanctuary City.. Illegal Aliens flood into the city every day to find safety.  However, do they contribute anything to the welfare of the city?  No, the homeless problems get worse..

“Pooping in the streets” does not seem like this would be acceptable in a civilized society.  They now have “Pooping Zones” where it is legal to use the city as your personal toilet.  So, how does San Francisco combat this problem?  Well, for the longest time they have did nothing.. They have ignored the problem.

Nancy Pelosi has represented the 12th district of California since 2013.  Coincidentally, this is about the time when San Francisco’s homeless / drugs / and diseased streets has exasperated drastically.  Perhaps, liberal ideology isn’t the answer?  However, now that the city is a Sanctuary safe haven for illegals and criminals fleeing prosecution how do you combat this problem? [Rino Swamp]

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