NAACP Tells Minorities To Steer Clear Of Missouri

I’ve said on my radio show many times how the NAACP has changed over the years, a shell of themselves from what I knew as a junior member back in the 70s.

My father was very involved in the movement and acquired junior NAACP membership cards to promote the organization. But he realized too many hands in the cookie jar would destroy what was literally built up to support civil rights.

Now the almost defunct irrelevant organization wants minorities to stop visiting the state of Missouri, due to the ongoing issues of racial profiling, discrimination and perceived harassment.

Source: Daily Caller

The NAACP is planning to move forward with a travel advisory warning people to steer clear of Missouri because of the state’s alleged discrimination issues.

Delegates for the NAACP voted on the advisory last week that cautions black people, the gay community and disabled people from visiting the state, reports the News- Leader.

Marla Marantz, a NAACP Springfield chapter member insisted that it is not a boycott over Missouri, but instead a caution for people to be careful when visiting the state.

“Our ongoing issues of racial profiling, discrimination, harassment and excess violence towards people of color have been further exacerbated by the passage and signing of (Senate Bill) 43,” Cheryl Clay, Springfield’s NAACP president, said in a statement to the News-Leader.

The travel advisory comes on the heels of Missouri’s Senate Bill 43, which forces people who file discrimination lawsuits related to their jobs to prove discrimination was the sole reason they were fired. The NAACP’s advisory also refers to a report that shows black drivers are pulled over at higher rates than white ones.

Last year, the NAACP implemented an economic boycott of North Carolina after they passed the controversial bathroom bill. You probably never knew that because as I said before, this organization is irrelevant.

Everyone with eyes knows why minorities are disproportionately represented in jails, prisons, traffic courts, and death row. They are disproportionately responsible for the attached criminal conduct. Only race baiting, purblind Democrats could see the evidence and decide that racism is the cause.

It’s easier to blame that reality on a racist “system” than acknowledge the real roots of the problem, which are due to culture and the destruction of the family.

Black America needs better leadership. Not the NAACP, or Obama or Sharpton or Jesse Jackson or the other hustlers who’ve made millions off of exploiting racial divides and black misery. Black Americans deserve better than this. They deserve real leadership and fair treatment and opportunity instead of the current diet of victimization and government assistance.

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