NAACP, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson New Song – ‘We Shall Overcome….to be bullies”

Yes I said it and I don’t hold anything back from it either. Time to claim your birthright of freedom and the American way.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr., a flawed man as we all are spent his life through non-violent means to promote peace and fairness for minorities in the work places, sitting counters, bus seats and so much more. He used to speak at churches and give powerful speeches and one song that gained popularity was “We Shall Overcome.”

“We Shall Overcome” became the calming cry for solidarity through a song. It was powerful and inclusive.

50+ years ago, this song brought a community together and awoke a nation to the tragedy happening in the Democrat-led South

Who would have thought the black community under Democrat leadership still sings it today? So called Limousine Clergy such as hate evangelists Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and a number of black pastors and leaders have sold out to the progressive agenda and turned their backs on the souls of their flock (not that Sharpton or Jackson have flock, which they don’t.) Poverty, unemployment, murder all have gone up within the black community under the so-called leadership of Sharpton, Jackson – yet they are given overseerer status from the Democrat party and some local leaders.

Jackson and Sharpton have taken up the causes of pushing the socialist/progressive agenda while shutting down opposition speech calling it racist or degrading to the black community. They will take the “words” of those that do not agree with them and generalize them into hate speech for a faction of the black community. They have tried to remove words from the English language that describe situations and label them as “code words” to shut down discussion.

The song “We Shall Overcome” has now had a reset. It now means “We Shall Overcome to be Bullies.”

The Democratic party and the statist that run it are the new slave masters. They own everyone now that they own your healthcare. Anyone that votes for this type of leadership and agenda in this country are getting everything they deserve. They elect their leaders and their leaders give them poverty, unemployment, murder, etc. Then they re-elect them. They choose their pain and revel in it by letting race pimps like Obama, Holder, Jackson, etc. speak for them, lead them.

Still singing We Shall Overcome 50 years later? Then something is wrong with the leaders that took charge of the movement!

As long as they get their free Obamaphones, they seem to be happy. Ever since I’ve been alive I’ve seen the rest of the country try to apologize for slavery and other acts of discrimination. White people will always be the cause of their problems as long as they still live in the past and elect the leaders they do and allow instigators like Jackson and Sharpton to have a voice for their needs. Their leaders don’t give a damn about the thousands of black on black murders that happen every year which is been evident for the last 50 years in many of our major cities run by Democrats.

Remember Trayvon Martin. Sharpton and Jackson fixated on one case in Florida while in Obama’s home town hundreds of blacks are murdered and they say nothing.

Hey it’s time to remove the shackles, stand up and brush the dirt off your clothes and make a bee-line for the plantation gates. Leave Sharpton and Jackson and the rest of the race parsonage behind. Time to claim your birthright of freedom and the American way.

Wayne Dupree

Wayne Dupree is owner and founder of He was named to the 2017 Newsmax’s 50 Most Influential African-American Republicans. He served in the USAF between 1987-1995. He saw time in Operation Desert Storm/Shield and is the father of three. He is the host of the Wayne Dupree Show.

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