MUST WATCH! Restore The Dream 2014 Press Conference, [VIDEO]

Today, some of the most powerful members of the black community came together to join forces to help Restore the Dream. The press conference went for about 30 minutes.  Dr. Alveda King and Niger Innis led off the presser with a few words with the rest of the leaders following. Please share this to everyone as they travel the country speaking to minorities trying to give back hope. We have to make changes and can’t keep doing the things we have for last 50 plus years.

Quotes from Today:

When you look at the amount of wealth that has been lost in urban centers and the black communities, it’s horrific!  – Niger Innis, Executive Director of

We represent all people…..We are one nation under God, we say to you “In God We Trust” – Dr Alveda King

Blacks can change their reality for tomorrow by what they do with eternal truths today – Star Parker, Founder, UrbanCure

Change has come to the black communities in our urban cities…..The change has been things have gotten worse. Inner city neighborhoods, precincts have gotten worse – Derrick Wilburn, CEO, Founder American Conservatives of Color

We have to Restore the Dream and that’s why I am so happy to be with my brothers and sisters behind me. When truth comes like this you want to be apart of it –Wayne Dupree, CEO/Founder WAAR Media Group

This is not a black thing, this is not a minority thing, this is an American Thing – Niger Innis, Executive Director of

Liberalism has destroyed the black community – Derrick Wilburn, CEO, Founder American Conservatives of Color

We intend to restore liberty and go into the urban community that has been decimated not only by this administration but by liberal policies the last 50 years – Tea Party Network News CEO Todd Cerafatti

To my conservative colleagues, today I say…some say Latinos are natural born liberals or Democrats….Today I say “Wake Up”, they say in surveys and polls they want government to provide more services is because we haven’t done our job – Alfonso Aguiliar

For the last 50 plus years, it’s been a divide and now it’s time for us to come back together again…..this country can’t stand on color, we all have to work together – Wayne Dupree, CEO/Founder WAAR Media Group

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