MUST SEE – Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin Totally told to stand up against Obama’s War with song “Which Side Are you On?”

The Alliant Energy Center Coliseum erupted into a cacophony as the group, which carried signs and stood beneath Baldwin’s podium, sang “Which Side Are You On?” Others in the crowd tried to shout them down, encouraging the group to let Baldwin speak.

The fracas began after Baldwin spoke to the crowd about whether she will vote to authorize a limited airstrike against Syria. Baldwin remained vague, touting her history of opposition to military action, but adding, “the gravity of the issues before us are so significant, and they deserve a full debate.”

“There are no good options in Syria,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin promised the crowd that she had heard their feedback — “now in three-part harmony” — and that she will continue to press President Barack Obama for information and ask tough questions as the debate continues.


She invoked the fest’s namesake, as she asked “WWBD?” (What Would Bob Do?) and quoted from the speech Sen. Robert M. La Follette delivered when he and just five other senators voted against President Woodrow Wilson’s war declaration in April 1917: “If it is important for us to speak and vote our convictions in matters of internal policy, though we may unfortunately be in disagreement with the President, it is infinitely more important for us to speak and vote our convictions when the question is one of peace or war, certain to involve the lives and fortunes of many of our people and, it may be, the destiny of all of them and of the civilized world as well.”

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Wayne Dupree

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