She Nailed It! Muslims Are Taking Over The African American Race In The U.S.

This woman used common sense and research to explain how Muslims are stepping all over Black Americans.

I understand this young lady’s point (in the video below) while others may not. Muslims are using black issues and civil rights to gain their traction just like the LGBTQ community did. This woman below also stated fact that we are Black Americans, not from Africa. Our ancestors might have been brought over here against their will but they helped build this country and as children of their lineage, we will not disrespect them by blaming others, we will work to better ourselves to be proud and outstanding.

Khalilah Sabra – We Staged Revolution Across The World, If We Can Do That, Why Not America!

To back up what the young lady in the video said, (the linked story above) Khalilah Sabra went as far as to say, Muslims were the new Black Americans if you choose to click on that link above and listen to that video attached to that post. Sabra was also calling for a revolution here in the United States.

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This young lady definitely knew was she was talking about and the eloquently relayed that to Goldy.


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