Muslim Solider To Sue U.S. Army For Allegedly Forcing Her To Remove Hijab

Former Army Sgt. Cesilia Valdovinos, now a specialist, is readying to sue the U.S. Army which allegedly forced her to remove her “authorized” Muslim hijab.

Why do people who want “equal treatment” always want to have exceptions made for them?

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This generation thinks that society should conform to the individual. It’s not the first time in history it has happened, but over the years we have learned that we must conform to society if we choose to belong.  I will bet you dollars to donuts Valdovinos wasn’t born Muslim, and had been one for only two years when this incident happened.

In that brief time, she had expressed a preference not to handle pork and now to wear a scarf that could hide a hair length that might not conform to military standards. It’s time she learns that you can conform to standards or find a place where you can be you if that’s your goal in life.

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While we’re on this subject, can someone ask Rep. Ilhan Omar if she accepts the Constitution over Sharia Law? Ask her someone? See, Jeanine Pirro was right about the hijab, it’s religious, and it symbolizes her loyalty to Sharia law/Islam and opposition to the Constitution. There’s no separation of mosque and state allowed in Islam.

Sgt. Cesilia Valdovinos alleged last month that a superior at Fort Carson, Colorado, pulled her aside and forced her to remove her hijab, despite having the authorization to wear it.

She was later demoted for unclear reasons and is now prepared to bring a lawsuit, Task & Purpose reported Tuesday.

After her Military Equal Opportunity Office (MEO) claim was deemed “unsubstantiated,” Valdovinos has decided to take legal action against the Army over allegedly violating her First Amendment rights.

She also said she was demoted from sergeant to specialist, and has been harassed and threatened by the public, over her story. [American Military News]

To my knowledge, nothing in the Koran says you have to wear a hijab. That’s why she stated it was her preference. When I was in the military, I had a lot of choices that went by the wayside because I knowingly joined the military and entered into a contract which had specific requirements. So did she.

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If they were violating valid religious beliefs, then I would say good for her, this is not that.

As a veteran, when you join OUR military, you are giving up a lot of rights that civilians have. The whole purpose of basic training is to break you down from your civilian habits, assimilate to the military lifestyle, and learn to work as a team.

When you bring religion into it and make the rules bend to satisfy your choices (religion is a choice. Not a requirement), then you need to be prepared to deal with the backlash. I know it’s crass, but you can’t just insert yourself into a scenario and make them bend to you.

I think we have a lot of people in today’s world that are self-absorbed and want attention. This poor woman is required to wear her headdress by men, not by religion. It shows a weakness in her soul. It is not a choice, she is ordered to wear it by men, and she is subservient to men. Would she be able to hold a leadership position under her religion? No? So she gets to pick and choose what she wants to apply in her own daily life?

Being in the military is about conforming, not being an individual. Any military unit only functions effectively as a unit if every member of that unit works as a team. Sacrificing individuality in support of the mission. Sorry, snowflakes are not allowed.

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