Music Mogul Master P Tells LaVar Ball He Should Have Thanked The President

TMZ caught up with Rapper/music mogul Master P and asked him about LaVar’s attitude toward President Trump, and his response will shock some of his fans.

Honestly, Master P made the smart choice by using common sense to answer this question. President Trump didn’t need to intervene to help get the UCLA basketball players home but did he did. For LaVar to dismiss this action pissed off a lot of Americans, including myself.

Master P has seen a lot of online social media response, and he’s siding with those who thought LaVar should have been more respectful of the job Trump did. Remember, Trump probably had to give up something he didn’t want to give up to get those boys home.

“I just think it’s a blessing to have your kids at home, man. Just be humble”

“Just be thankful your kids[are] safe, and they’re not in prison. Do the right thing; he had something to do with your kid getting home. Right is right. Wrong is wrong”

Watch the video here:

He also advised the outspoken dad to thank the president if he is responsible for the return of the 3 UCLA players to America after they were facing time in China for shoplifting. P thinks that even if LaVar doesn’t agree with all of Trump’s policy’s he should be thankful that someone of that caliber gave him a favor.

Some people don’t have respect for anything even human life. Maybe LaVar should spend some time in a Chinese prison. He would be begging President Trump to help he get released within the first 30 minutes of captivity. Not being able to say thanks just shows his poor upbringing choice which reflects on his parents and they couldn’t be more disappointed in LaVar acting like a tragic idiot.

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