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Mulvaney — McCain Comments Were Awful But You Have Freedom To Speak In Private Meeting!

The Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney defended the remarks of  White House Staffer Kelly Sadler during an appearance on Cavuto Live.

Mulvaney stated all though it was a bad joke that went badly, you should be able to say what you want in a private setting without it leaking into the media.

Source: Mediaite

“They are awful,” Mulvaney said of the comments on Cavuto Live. Despite calling the comment “awful,” Mulvaney then went on to defend his colleague’s mocking of a man with brain cancer.

“That was said in a private meeting inside the White House. It’s not like, you might say something really nasty about me off the air and it really doesn’t have that much impact. You come on-air and say it officially now that’s a problem,” Mulvaney said. “This was a private meeting inside the White House. It was a joke. It was a badly considered joke that she said fell flat.” The budget director later added that he is “disappointed” that someone leaked the comment from the private meeting.

Cavuto noted that some have called for Sadler’s firing in light of the ill-conceived remark.

“Do you think that’s right?” Cavuto asked.

“I don’t,” Mulvaney responded.” You have to have freedom to speak in a private meeting. We have all said things in private that we would never say publicly. I think she handled it appropriately.”

I understand what he is saying in this video clip, and I agree with him 100 percent. The media is making a mockery of what is happening now with Sadler‘s comments made towards John McCain. Not one news network company has held McCain accountable for what he said about Pres. Trump not being allowed to attend his funeral, or about him regretting that he picked Sarah Palin as a vice presidential candidate and more.

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There are consequences to what you say, and the media should understand that, but they are picking choosing to attack the Trump administration.

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