Key Cooperating Witness In Mueller Investigation Boasts Of Clinton Campaign Access And $3.5 Illegal Contribution!

According to Yahoo News, the Justice Department reported how an emissary for two wealthy Arab princes gossiped to unnamed members of a Middle Eastern government about his access to the Clintons while also giving more than $3.5 million in illegal campaign contributions to Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign.

This information was cited in a federal indictment this week. I can’t believe this was allowed for public viewing, I mean we are talking about the Clinton’s, second only to the Obama’s.

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Wonderful meeting with Big Lady. … Can’t wait to tell you all about it,” George Nader allegedly wrote to an official of one of the foreign governments he advises in the Middle East after attending a political fundraiser with Hillary Clinton on April 16, 2016. Nader, a lobbyist, convicted sex offender and key cooperating witness in the Robert Mueller investigation, was brought to the Clinton fundraiser as the guest of Ahmad Khawaja, the founder and CEO of Allied Wallet, a Los Angeles payment-processing company.

Nader would soon be directing millions to Khawaja’s accounts in order to gain entry to similar events without disclosing his involvement or the source of the funds, according to the indictment’s charges.

If this is true, she should be investigated and tried for any crimes. People need to recognize that just because one person did something wrong doesn’t take away from other people’s wrongs. Trump is being investigated for what HE has done wrong, and Hillary should be investigated for what SHE has done wrong. Period… end of the story.

Even while they illegally funneled cash to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Nader talked about the need to also cultivate then-candidate Donald Trump, reporting to the unnamed foreign official that he and his co-conspirators were developing a “constructive relationship with both camps,” according to the indictment. After the election, the indictment alleges, Allied Wallet illegally contributed $1 million to the Trump inauguration for VIP tickets, with Khawaja taking Nader and Rudy Dekermenjian, an attorney for Allied Wallet also charged in the indictment, as his guests.

The detailed 64-page indictment comes amid an intense controversy over foreign influence in U.S. elections — a central theme in the debate over the impeachment inquiry into the president. While the charges allege that Nader provided large sums of cash that were unlawfully reported as coming from Khawaja, his wife and other so-called straw donors, prosecutors did not specifically allege that the funds came from overseas. But they show how Nader regularly reported via WhatsApp messages to one of his foreign clients on his political fundraising efforts  amid tantalizing coded references.

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All this comes down to is the simple fact that any person running a campaign better have people on their team looking deep into donors and where the money comes from. If it shows it comes from American donors, candidates most likely accept it for its word, not realizing the money begins from some other country. It is funneled into American backs under what looks like legitimate US donors.

The Clintons were the best at influence peddling. From Arkansas to DC, they amassed a fortune from the public coffers. Obama’s now a close second. $12 million for a house in Martha’s Vineyard. Neither one of these individuals had money before politics, very lucrative for them. Appears Obama not worried about rising oceans due to climate change considering the location of his estate.

Sadly, our Republic was able to function and thrive for over 200 years. Now things have been so distorted and corrupted that we need to change our Lobby laws, our campaign finance laws, and our laws governing foundations for government officials. This goes for both democrats and republicans. It also extends to our domestic lobbyists for companies and causes. We need our elected officials to care about making American’s lives better, not their power.

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We were warned about foreign cash flowing into our elections back when the Supreme Court ruled on Citizens United. That ruling made it possible and legal for unlimited and untraceable contributions to polluting our electoral process. Now, do I think that’s a bad thing? No. Why should foreigners not be allowed to spend on U.S. campaigns and promote candidates? What I don’t like, though, is for that support to go undeclared. The campaign should declare any money, domestic or foreign, that goes to a campaign. We need more transparency, not more restrictions, and regulations.

Funny they stacked the cards so Clinton would win and Trump won anyway. Why are we surprised that the crookedness of the Democrats is coming out? The bushwhackers will be caught in their snares for the President-elect.


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