Nadler Claims Mueller Wants To TESTIFY in PRIVATE; Approves Transcript Release To PUBLIC!

Rep. Jerry Nadler, House Judiciary Committee Chairman, appeared on MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” and informed her audience how special counsel Robert Mueller is negotiating his testimony and wants to testify in private.

The more likely scenario is that Democrats want him to testify privately so they can then make public statements misconstruing what he said as they have already done with his report.

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What’s weird about this declaration is that Mueller is willing to allow the transcript of his testimony released to the public along with a public opening statement.

“I think I can say, at this point, that he wants to testify in private,” Nadler said.

Nadler confirmed if this does happen, a transcript of Mueller’s testimony would be released to the public.

Of course, he wants to testify in private. I’m sure he also wants to testify only to the Democrats. He doesn’t want to answer the tough questions from Representatives Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows along with Senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz. These lawyers and prosecutors will expose his political bias.

Mueller has been a spectacular waste of time and money on a witch hunt for the president. The hell he’ll “testify in private.” We need to drag him in front of the nation so that Republicans can grill him for a change.

This sounds like a trick to me. We all understand how the Democrats want to control what is released to the public – and so does Mueller. And they don’t want any of the questioning by the Republicans to get outside of the hearing room because there are lots of questions that will make Meuller and the Democrat members of the committee look like they are dirty liars. The Republicans need to record the audio and leak it to all the reliable conservatives in the media and radio.

The American people paid those millions of dollars for his investigation and have the absolute right to judge for ourselves whether he sounds truthful or not.

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It is past time for we the people to exercise our oversight of this attempt to disenfranchise the votes of half of America. We also have the right to have the President that we voted for being able to finish out his term without this asinine resistance.

Finally, the FISA authorization and the Special Counsel authorization need to go the way of the Independent Counsel statute, as most Americans will never trust the results or that they will not be abused.




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