Mueller’s Office Describes Flynn’s Assistance As Substantial; Won’t Seek Jail Time

Good news for the former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

When I read the statement by a special counsel Robert Mueller that was released to the public regarding General Michael Flynn and the substantial assistance he’s been, the first thing in my head is that it is playing on Pres. Trump’s tweet that he released the other day:

Pres. Trump was thanking Roger Stone who publicly said that he would never testify against his friend like former lawyer Michael Cohen has done. It seems to me that Mueller is playing a “flipping” game with the President. Mueller wants the Commander-in-chief to believe Flynn might have flipped so he will show anger and frustration publicly that could cause some avalanche reaction to help his investigation/probe.

Why else would you thank Gen. Flynn for substantial assistance?

Since then, Flynn has been cooperating with Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 campaign, and his full account of events has been one of the best-kept secrets in Washington. He is one of five Trump aides who have pleaded guilty in the special counsel probe.

The special counsel’s new filing Tuesday is the first time prosecutors have described Flynn’s assistance since the former national security adviser’s guilty plea last year.

In it, prosecutors said Flynn has assisted with several ongoing investigations — participating in 19 interviews with federal prosecutors.

Tuesday’s filing is heavily redacted, continuing to shroud in secrecy the details of what Flynn told Mueller’s team about his interactions with Trump and other top officials.

But the document noted that Flynn has assisted the special counsel with its “investigation concerning links or coordination between the Russian government and indivuadals associated with the Trump campaign.”

Flynn pleaded guilty to one felony count of making a false statement, despite a longer list of charges he could have faced. Prosecutors said last year they would likely seek a prison sentence between zero and six months.

Source: Washington Post

What’s everyone thinking right now? What did Flynn say? Mueller isn’t just doing this to be nice, what’s the endgame. I think he’s trying to bait Trump.

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