MSNBC’s Scarborough @JoeNBC Defends Jim Lehrer’s Moderating After Slamming Him Behind His Back

It is one thing to trash Jim Lehrer’s moderating behind his back.  It’s even worse when you then bring him on your show to praise his performance after you trash him.  No one does this better than Morning Joe’s Scarborough who did a complete 180 on his analysis of Lehrer’s moderating skills.

On the morning after the first presidential debate, Scarborough claimed that “Jim Lehrer got rolled over” as moderator on October 3rd.  Fast forward to Monday’s Morning Joe when Lehrer appeared in person and Scarborough had suddenly wiped his hands clean of any such criticism:

So the bottom line is, they’re saying that the President couldn’t take care of himself and that you let Mitt Romney run all over you. What do you say to that?

Scarborough apparently forgot that he is one of those people who believe Lehrer got “rolled over” as debate moderator.  The entire panel, which included liberals Mika Brzezinski, Harold Ford Jr. and Mike Barnicle, all defended Lehrer but failed to point out that numerous MSNBC employees, including their own Scarborough, had been viciously critical of Lehrer’s role.

Here is just a small example of some of the MSNBC criticism of Lehrer’s moderating:

  • On October 4, The Cycle’s Toure said that Jim Lehrer was, “terrible at his job”
  • On October 4, Alex Wagner said, “Jim Lehrer got his hair cut last night”
  • On October 4, Ron Reagan Jr. said, “Jim Lehrer got completely rolled”
  • On October 3, Howard Fineman said, “Jim Lehrer was practically useless as the moderator”
  • And of course on October 4, Joe Scarborough said Jim Lehrer got “rolled over”
Wayne Dupree

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