[VIDEO] MSNBC’s Wallace Asks Random NH Man Who He Voted For…His Answer Ruins Her Day.

There is nothing better than watching the fake news peddlers over at MSNBC and CNN get a dose of reality.

Once they step out of that D.C. bubble, the “real world” smacks them right in the face.

That’s exactly what happened when Trump-hater Nicole Wallace went to New Hampshire to report on the primary.

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She decided to find a “random” man on the street and ask him who he voted for…

And wouldn’t yup know it – the one guy she picks had just voted for Donald J. Trump!

Aha ha ha.

Here’s how the talk went:

Nicole: ”Can you tell us who you voted for?”

Man: “Donald John Trump.”

Nicole: ”Bernie is not appealing?”

Man: ”The whole ideology would be destructive to the country

“It’s anti-growth. It’s anti-family. It’s anti-American. And, as a Roman Catholic, it’s anti-life.”

Watch the video below:

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Trust me, these fake news shills will have a big shock coming in November.

They’ve been isolated in their little liberal bubble, but very soon they’re going to find out exactly what real Americans think and feel.

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