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MSNBC Forced To CLASH With Network Narrative — Majority Of Caravan Is Mostly Men

MSNBC had to have been shocked by one of their reporters not falling in line with this caravan narrative they have baked into their coverage.

Gadi Schwartz joined Stephanie Ruhle’s afternoon show to describe what he was seeing on the ground in Tijuana, Mexico. It’s one thing to try to hide the truth as MSNBC usually does, but to try to force the issue when one of your own is not on the same page makes you look rather foolish.

It is also my belief that MSNBC, CNN, Fox News and the rest of the networks are born into mass misinformation, and the truth will never be shared from their lips. The American people can accept the truth, but they do not push for it as they have been lulled to sleep by the continued lies and deception narratives.

Schwartz was in a position that he had to tell the truth and for that, I thank him even though it probably hurt him.

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle asked Schwartz to characterize the group of migrants he’s encountered, stating, “Some people look at these images and they listen to the president, who says, ‘It’s not women and children, it’s stone cold criminals.’”

“Give us the profile of who’s there mostly and what they’re looking for,” Ruhle added.

Schwartz explained that there are a lot of families “in the inner sanctum of the shelter,” but revealed that outside of the tent city there are scores of men trying to cross the border.

“The truth is, the majority of the people that are in this caravan, especially outside — if we can make our way all the way over there, we’ll show you the majority of them are men,” Schwartz said. “From what we’ve seen, the majority are actually men and some of these men have not articulated that need for asylum.”

Source: Daily Caller

The newswoman was making up stuff to fit her narrative. He gave a real report. If you don’t do what the boss wants you to do, then what is the logical outcome? No, they won’t fire him for reporting truthfully, but they will eventually find some other reason.

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