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MSNBC Joy Reid Tweets Journalists Should Boycott White House Press Briefings

Hurray! This liberal bag lady gets the message! We don’t want them in the White House covering President Donald Trump anyway.

The liberal media should boycott covering Trump and here’s why, they don’t cover him now. They report on his tweets and mischaracterize him in every way possible. They are not working to inform the people of America and we know it. That’s why we are ok with them not attending any WH sessions.

Let hungrier journalist and bloggers start attending because they want a place at the table and they don’t feel as if they are entitled because of their news organization’s long-standing history in DC.

It’s a new day, and the old media is dead. Long live the new media!

Here are some responses:

Not everyone agrees with Reid and I am wondering how she still has a show on there in the first place. She doesn’t understand how to inform the public. She gives her opinion as if she was an expert and her audience should challenge her at every turn.

What do you think? Should the liberal media boycott the Trump press briefings?

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