MSNBC Joy Reid pushes lie Trump’s “attacks on Mexican-Americans” to Omarosa (VIDEO)

Hopefully, you can watch the video clip below where MSNBC weekend host Joy Reid lied on national TV pushing the false narrative on how Donald Trump is insulting Mexican immigrants, blacks, and Muslims.

“attacks on immigrants, attacks on Mexican-Americans,” and she asked, “As a woman of color, do you have not concerns about this?”

“You know that the Republican primaries so far have been more than 90 percent white, they have not been diverse.” Omarosa retorted that’s just “the tradition in the Republican primary”

Let’s get a few things straight. Trump has a problem with “illegal immigrants” filtering across our borders and that’s why he wants to build the wall. He’s mentioned a temporary ban on Muslims until Congress can get a hold on the problem of lone wolf terrorist coming into our country. Then Reid brings up the Republican party on how it’s 90 percent white which is a racist statement all by itself. The negatives she speaks of is from constant 24/7 coverage and repeated attack headlines trying to take out a candidate based on fake polls probably collected inside these news studios.

Reid even brought up the David Duke issue when it’s been documented Trump has disavowed that endorsement many times before the Jake Tapper interview.

Watch this interview and tell me Reid didn’t have an agenda:

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h/t – Mediaite

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