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MSNBC Host Claims Trump Wants VOTING BASE To See Him DEHUMANIZING “Migrants”

MSNBC’s Joy Reid told her audience that Pres. Trump was treating the migrants (her words) cruel because that’s what the base wanted.

You are wrong in so many ways, “Joy.” First, they are not “migrants,” they are illegal alien criminal invaders. For the most part, they aren’t coming over here to work the fields; they are trekking over and through a country where they could have claimed asylum for the so-called “gold at the end of the yellow brick road.”

Second, we don’t want to see the illegals treated poorly; we want to see them gone and not trying to invade our country anymore. Stop conflating illegal aliens with legal immigrants. One is unwelcome criminals; the other is welcomed guests who, if they follow the rules, are also welcome to become citizens at some point.

Reid: You know, the dehumanization of these folks, it did remind me, you know, Chris Hayes put up a post, it brings back sort of the memories of the way people treated others during the invasion of Iraq. The sense of, these aren’t even people. Or in our own past. The way that people were able to treat others, whether it’s from enslavement on. They’re just not people so we don’t have to think of them as human beings.

I think I quote you every week, Adam: the cruelty is the point. That’s why they’re doing it, right? His base wants to see this. And so he’s showing them that he can dehumanize them. Isn’t that message coming from the White House, that essentially you don’t have to treat these people like human beings. Who cares?

It’s false outrage. Nobody who cares about the well-being of these people thinks they’re better off making the journey to come here. Anyone who wants open borders and then makes a fuss about the results of those open borders is full of it.

No, Joy, we do not support the mistreatment of humans. We hate cruelty to indigenous Americans who are being murdered, raped, robbed, have contracted deadly diseases not seen in America for a century or ever. We hate losing jobs to illegals, and I’m not talking about veggie picking or slaughterhouse work. I’m talking about the trades: carpentry, electricians, and plumbers. We hate people who weren’t invited here to crash our border and go on welfare, creating a drain on our economy and infrastructure. If it is so bad here, they should all go back home and take their damned flags with them.

Unlike the Democrats who will accept any criminals likely to vote for Democrats, we support legal immigration of those who will support themselves and do their part to MAGA.

If you’re confused, the nine-year-old girl next door is willing to try to explain this to you. I wish her the best.


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