MSNBC: Democrats Were Running Away From Our Cameras To Not Talk Franken

Sen. Al Franken started in comedy, so this article probably would have made the final cut.

Democrats were running away from MSNBC reporters so they wouldn’t have to answer questions about the bombshell news that exposed Sen. Franken as a sex abuser. Franken groped a female while she was asleep during the end of a USO tour. That wasn’t the main issue. He then took a photo as a joke of his actions which went the wrong way when she found out about it later. (Related: News Anchor BLASTS Sen. Al Franken “Forcibly Kissed Me, Grabbed My Breasts While I Was Sleeping”)

You would think liberal MSNBC would be the home for many Democrat lawmakers to get out their spin on things and help Franken out but they were running for the hills, namely Sen. Chuck Schumer.

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So this is clearly something where you can tell that members of Congress are trying to figure out, in some ways, what is the right thing to say in this new reality. I mean, Democrats, quite frankly, were running away from our cameras today.

Chuck Schumer canceled a press conference, Amy Klobuchar, the senior senator from Minnesota, who I’ve talked to actually multiple times in recent days about sexual harassment issues on Capitol Hill and who was pushing a resolution through the Senate to try to change training over there, kind of went to some lengths to avoid cameras as she was leaving today.

So, you know, we haven’t really had a chance to hear from a lot of these members.

The witch hunt started by the Democrats will probably catch far more of them than Republicans, in the long run. These are the same people who defended a serial rapist throughout his two terms in the White House!

Forget your hopes and dreams of running for a higher office Sen. Franken. If I’m reading the average Minnesota voter correctly, you may have trouble hanging on to your Senate seat.

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