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MSNBC Commentator — We Need To Judge Kavanaugh On How He Treats A Woman’s Pain

MSNBC and the rest of the progressive media have all lost their damn minds!

A woman’s pain has what to do with the law? The law is the law despite how it affects you emotionally. That’s what Democrats don’t seem to get!

Ana Marie Cox’s perspective is warped to say the least. It seems listening to her rant that it doesn’t matter if Judge Kavanaugh is guilty or innocent, he’s guilty, and there is no reason even to ask him questions. Allegations are truth in her world, and there’s no need to check to see if she has the motivation to lie or extort the judge.

Source: Video Transcript

We need to judge Brett Kavanaugh, not just by what he may or may not have done, but how he treats a woman’s pain. And that is something I’m going to be paying attention to on Monday. How does he respond to what’s happening. Whether or not he agrees that this happened with her, does he take her pain seriously? Do the people interrogating her pain take her pain seriously? Now, I’ll give you a spoiler alert, I don’t think Brett Kavanaugh takes women’s pain very seriously, and I know that because of the decisions he’s made as a judge.

Why in the hell are they calling him a serial sexual assaulter? Not one other woman who ever knew him has ever come forward with allegations against him, and these allegations as over 30 years old and being made by far left Clinton donor and anti-Trumper who says she doesn’t remember when it happened or exactly what happened. The Dems find a grain of sand and call it a bowl of rice. Find a silo full of rice on one of them, and they claim it isn’t even as much as a grain of sand.

Let’s review this “attempted rape.” Ford didn’t tell any of her friends at the time. She didn’t inform her parents at the time. Ford didn’t notify the police. She can’t remember the place or time, but 30 years later, she brings up this allegation knowing Kavanaugh has a very successful career and marriage, and oh yeah, she didn’t come forward when he was before the Senate when he was got confirmed for a federal judge seat.

He lives an exemplary and impeccable life, and then Ford waits another five years to go public when Kavanaugh is nominated for the Supreme Court.

Are you trying to tell me the people over at MSNBC do not think it immoral to charge Kavanaugh with something he hasn’t done, falsely? What the hell?

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