MSNBC Chris Matthew Says Christians Have “Mythical” Belief In Jerusalem

MSNBC Chris Matthews threw up in his mouth and claimed that Christians didn’t understand how the situation in the Middle East because of their “mythical” belief in Jerusalem and Israel.

The utter stupidity of Mathews continues to astound me. How does he keep his job? How did he ever graduate from Trinity? I bet he went to the East Cupcake Agricultural College.

MSNBC earlier in the week had a host who apologized for a bigoted, homophobic blog she deleted that an online news magazine unearthed. (Related: Online Magazine OUTS MSNBC Joy Reid As A Bigot, Homophobe; These Posts Are Really Bad!)

In the case of Matthews, his disdain for Christianity took center stage after President Trump declared he would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. (Related: United States Formally Recognizes Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital)

I was raised in the church, and I believe that any friend of Israel will be blessed. We’ve seen it through the years and just because the media has chosen to discard God and religion doesn’t mean we need to do the same.

It’s easy for Matthews to speak about Christians in this way because he doesn’t care about our religion. You won’t hear him speak that way about Muslims because he’s afraid he would be stoking the internal fires of terrorist to blow something up. If terrorist were that angry

Matthews says he’s Catholic but in this video, Christianity views are mythical? What type of religion does he subscribe to again? How can he affix his mouth to tear down those who believe in something he might not. Someone with a huge bully pulpit platform like he has should be a lot more careful as he could cause major problems.

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If the Evangelicals depend on the Bible for their belief that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, from what book does the Left get its belief that there is a country called Palestine?

On the issue of why evangelicals support Israel – yes, part of it is due to the Biblical teachings of Israel and those who bless or curse her. But from a purely secular and strategic position, they are the only free state in the Middle East. Oh yeah, let us know forget, Clinton and Obama both promised during the campaigns to recognize Jerusalem, but never did so.

Matthews has “mythical” beliefs that he is talented, a journalist and that people believe and value his opinions. MSNBC is where news, common sense and traditional American values go to die. MSNBC and the Conga line of on-air mental patients are a part of the Liberal media whom I call the presstitutes because their pimp IS the deplorable, reprehensible and hate-saturated Democrat Party. I’m surprised that MSNBC hasn’t won the Joseph Goebbels award for excellence in propaganda yet. Anyone who watches MSNBC has an IQ in the negative quintile.

What are your thoughts about Matthews and his hatred toward what Christians believe?

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