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MSNBC & Brian Williams “Downplay” Surveillance Of Trump Team/Family Members

Brian Williams and MSNBC showed how they spin stories for their pleasure to keep Americans in the dark about the truth tonight.

House Intel Chairman was given some very crucial information about surveillance that covered President Donald Trump, his transition team and family. He talked to the media today and also to the President. Many things were said in the press briefings, but it was a bad day for the press, and they had to find a way to spin it.

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Sad day for the USA, this is just unacceptable. They had no right at all to do this to Trump or any other citizen. There was no reason at all for them to do surveillance on him. Democrats have spun this crap story about Russians to influence the elections so that they could get more votes. They now use it to water down a Great and historical election win.

Now the media is in survival mode, and it’s laughable.

Source: Daily Caller

Brian Williams looked like someone had just killed his dog while he reported the news on MSNBC Wednesday that the Obama administration did in fact collect President Trump’s personal communications during the 2016 election.

MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt first told Williams’ that House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes’ revelation — and President Trump’s subsequent reaction — had a “lot of innuendo,” and actually “kind of muddles a story that’s already very muddled.”

Watch this below:

I trust Nunez. What you must focus on is that someone very high up in the Obama administration unmasked Gen Mattis name for my transcript, not a voice recording. That is a serious felony, and that is what must be proved. Only a very senior DOJ official or someone at an agency like the CIA etc. has the authority to unmask a US citizen that was inadvertently recorded.

I think EVERY American needs to be concerned when not only is our government wiretapping and allowing the names of citizens to be unmasked and the previous POTUS relaxed controls on who could see all this information to allow leaks to be harder to track and easier to happen.

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