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MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Claims ‘America is Less Respected in Europe’ Now Than at Any Time Since WWII

Jeez, does Andrea Mitchell have to insert her opinion into everything? Somebody remind her she’s a journalist.

Mitchell interviewed Rep. Nancy Pelosi at the Normandy 75th Ceremony and cornered her about how the world views America. She tried to pull negatives from Pelosi regarding Trump and the California representative was all too quick to play along.

“We always have to be optimistic and positive because what they did was so monumental and enables us to have are our debates and differences of opinion. But we do have to remember the values that freedom isn’t free. So, and part of that freedom is who we are as Americans. And who we are as Americans no one said it better than Ronald Reagan; Ronald Reagan had the biggest voice for welcoming people to our country and that we cannot close the door or else we won’t be the country that leads the world.”

There is a difference between legal and illegal immigration. Funny how our leftist leaders can’t seem to wrap their undersized brains around such a simple distinction.

There is a crisis at the border and under those terms, Nancy could be impeached for wantonly inviting an invading force into the US when Border Patrol and ICE say they are already at capacity and stretched beyond their limits.
Republicans need to get to work and draft up articles.

I don’t want to lead the world. I want to enjoy my country free from invasion. Because if we allow an invasion to take over our country, we won’t be free anymore and we won’t lead the world anyway.


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