Mom Goes Nuts After Cops Detain Son For Allegedly Bringing AK-47 To School

The video below initially surfaced on an Instagram over the weekend.

A mother pulled out her cell phone camera and started recording local law enforcement detaining her 8th grade son for allegedly bringing a semi-automatic weapon to school.  Watch this below:

NOTE: The Instagram link described the gun as an AK-47 but we haven’t been able to find the type of gun used so we use the word “allegedly.”

You can hear the mother asking the police where are they from as they had her son in custody. If you also noticed, she didn’t respond when the police officer told the mother her son had a weapon in school.

Some individuals won’t like what I have to say but listening to the mother makes perfect sense why her son is in police custody. I don’t live in her household, so I don’t know how she raised her boy, but I can say this, many children do not have access to a firearm like the one in question to even think about walking it into the school.

The young man is not learning anything about responsibility or respect for his parents, or he would have never tried this stunt.

As for the mom, she should be locked up too. Know what your children are doing because you are the parent. I understand independence, but you shouldn’t be awarded that until you can prove you can handle it.

I didn’t learn gun safety in my home growing up, but I learned responsibility. I learned about guns when I served in the United States Air Force. They are not playthings and just because you see it on television doesn’t mean you should try it in real life.

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