Mother who watched victims beat and stripped naked deemed Danger to Community by Judge

Police arrested Kianna McMeans, 25, and charged her with two counts of aggravated robbery. They also issued an arrest warrant for Jakeda Phillips, 25.

“They didn’t care if they killed us, the way they were stomping my sister in the head,” the 20-year-old victim said. “They didn’t care what happened after that.”

Investigators said the attack happened while the sisters were spending the night at McMeans’ apartment after a night at a club. The sisters said they awoke to several women beating them.

“I was very, very, very humiliated that I was out there without no clothes on and everybody was just standing there looking at me. Nobody would give me a telephone to use,” the 20-year-old victim said.

According to a police report, the victims told police McMeans let the attackers into the apartment to rob them.

“All the girls started punching me in my face and pulling my hair. They dragged me down to the ground and ripped my dress off of me and dragged me out of the house and beat me and kicked me in my face,” the 20-year-old victim said.

The victims told police McMeans was assaulted at the club and she accused the victims of not helping her during the assault. The report stated that the group of women stole the sisters’ cellphones, purses and wallets, valued at $1,100.

According to court documents, officers found the stolen property in McMeans’ car.

Jones said the Winton Terrace community had been helpful identifying the women involved and police hope to receive more information about the attack.

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