A Mother Takes Legal Action Against Huffman, Loughlin for $500 Billion

I certainly don’t condone the cheating, and I want Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman to face justice, but 500 billion dollar lawsuit, because your child was unfairly denied admission, seems a bit excessive.

A college education is no doubt valuable but is it really worth $500 million? I went to college and I’m quite sure it hasn’t benefitted me to the tune of $500 million. Does this person even have any evidence that her son would have been admitted in the absence of the cheating?

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I am not stupid, I understand the point of the lawsuit isn’t the 500 billion, it’s exposure and a way to call out a shady college scam. Regardless, how long has this been occurring! No one expects a 500 billion judgment – but everyone wants to see the college in the hot seat.

At least one mother has taken legal action. Jennifer Kay Toy has sued Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, among others involved, for $500 billion, according to a complaint this link opens in a new tab published by Deadline this link opens in a new tab.

Toy alleges she raised her son, Joshua, with a good work ethic, and made various sacrifices over the years to ensure he would get into a good college. She claims he had a 4.2 GPA upon graduating high school and applied to “some” of the colleges involved in the scandal — which include Yale, USC, Georgetown and Wake Forest — but did not get accepted. She filed a class-action suit on March 13, accusing the defendants of inflicting emotional distress, civil conspiracy and fraud.

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But a legal expert who wrote a book about college admissions thinks the lawsuit is “ridiculous” — and may not go far.

“As an attorney, I wouldn’t take these cases,” says Steve Cohen, a partner at Pollock Cohenthis link opens in a new tab in New York City. [excerpt via People]

Many parents believe since their child is the smartest kid in the world, they will be accepted anywhere they want to go. WRONG. Schools don’t care what your scores are.

Most schools have a minimum academic standing you must meet. Then the real accepting begins. Is your child an athlete? What race are they? City or rural? Geographical Area? US or Foreign? Left-handed or right? Legacy? Parents Donors? You may think the system is unfair, but welcome to the real world. And don’t for a moment think your state’s Land Grant University is guaranteed.

In regards to this lawsuit ought to be laughed out of court with extreme prejudice. Even as a plaintiff’s lawyer opening figure, it is an insult to the rule of law. The wealthy have been pulling strings to get their kids into the best colleges for more than a century. Gee, why don’t we sue every estate in the country while we’re at it?


This excessive demand could well blow up in the plaintiff’s face. Maybe if it were a class-action suit of all those harmed it might conceivably be worth that much. Good luck collecting it even if they win.

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